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Thursday, December 15, 2011



It has been reported by some that they are having difficulty closing their accounts
at Tightwad Bank. Be sure that you take personal identification when you go -- driver's license,
Passport, Social Security card, even a copy of your last bank statement will be good!

IF you feel that you are hassled about closing your account, call this number -- 785-296-2266 .
That is the line to the Kansas State Banking Commission. You will be directed to push #1
if you have a concern or a complaint. Making the call right there in the lobby of Tightwad
with the facts might be very effective.

You can lodge a written complain at

I have called and written a general complaint on behalf of several Readingites
that have given me their stories this morning. The more stories they hear from individuals
or organizations, the more on which they have to base decisions.


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