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Friday, October 21, 2011

FREE Trees Available

Lois Symmonds called and has 3 or 4 trees that are transplantable that she is willing to give to
whomever goes and digs them up.   Terry DeDonder believes there was an oak and a couple redbuds.


We may be on hold, but it is important not to "HOLD" back on sending letters to those with the ability to stop this nonsense and bring in at least a temporary post office.

Sylvester Black
VP of Western Area
1745 Stout St
Suite 1000
Denver, CO   80299

This gentleman's information was given to me as the direct boss of Rick Pivovar and the Omaha/Kansas
people.  Let's try to get at least 100 letters to this man by November 1.  We must keep our case in front
of the higher ups face!

PS -- spent yesterday with the school superintendent from Greensburg.  He said after 4 years they still have a temporary post office.

Tree Stump Grinding

Randy Wellnitz was awarded the contract for the grinding of tree stumps on public property.

(Just an idea, but....if you have personal stumps that need grinding you might contact Randy for
perhaps a "group" price -- since he will already be here with his equipment.  Just a thought!)


Saturday, December 3
5pm to 7pm
UMethodist Church

All proceeds will be used for Christmas treats for the Reading students.

Pancakes, eggs, sausage, biscuits, gravy, milk, juice and coffee


Jaret Moyer has completed the process to bring his bank to Reading.
The State Banking Commission is reviewing it and will give an
official certification later in the month.

Cindy and Debbie are busy repapering and preparing the building
for the new bank!

Mr. Moyer will release the date for the grand opening celebration
later this month, so......stay tuned!


The Reading Birthday Calendars have pre-tornado pictures from around town.
Besides the pictures, you will have all of your neighbors birthdays available at
your finger tips.

You may purchase one for $5 from Debbie Garrison or Reta Jackson.


You, yes YOU, and your entire family are invited to the unveiling of the refurbished Reading School
gymnasium!  Come and take a look and then join us for a relaxing family movie and snacks.

Bring your lawn chairs, blankets or pillows and we'll have a great time celebrating the school's
recovery from the tornado.

Friday, November 4
7pm to 9pm

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Remember the Community Conversation last July when everyone gathered to make suggestions for
what they would like to see happen in Reading?  Well, it is time for the action teams to report on
what has been happening, what they have learned and what has been accomplished!

Mark your calendar now:   WEDNESDAY,  November 2
                                            Miracle Cafe


The Public Square Steering Committee will meet November 9 at 7pm in the Baptist Church. 

Grant Writing Workshop

A Federal Grant Writing Workshop will be conducted by Kathleen Fenton, U.S. EPA
on Monday, November 7, from 9am to 12pm.  The workshop will be at the Larned Area Chamber of Commerce/Pawnee County Economic Development Commission located at 502 Broadway, Larned Kansas 67550.

Barbara Schlobohm has signed up for the event and others are free to attend.  There is a maximum
of 40 participants.

E-mail Kathleen Fenton at


The tree trimmers volunteering their equipment and labor had to cancel today

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

FREE Used Piano

A gentleman named Kirk Kress has called Carol Ann and has a piano he is willing to let
someone have for FREE if they pick it up.  You can contact Kris at 620-338-3405.

He lives north and east of Topeka.

NEEDED: Number of Shot Dosages

The Health Clinic staff for Oct 29 needs to know the number of dosages they should bring
for flu shots and insulin.  They also need to know which types of immunizations children/people will
need.  Please email me  or call, 699-3371, to tell me which you will need them to bring.  They do not store these things because of shorter shelf life and storage needs, so they will get them fresh from the company just for you.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Beautiful Queen Quilt

The United Methodist Women had completed working the squares of a beautiful queen size quilt prior to the tornado.   Opportunities to have this beautiful quilt are available for $1 each or $5 for 6.  Checks can be made to Reading UMW.  Tickets are available from any of the women -- some of whom are: Carol Brock, Jill Jones, Heather Jones, Donna Davies, Jann Briggs, Rosalee Voorhees, Cindy Wilson, Reta Jackson or Barbara Schlobohm.

Log Splitters Needed

I am trying to locate folks with log splitters that would allow them to be
used the weekend of Nov 11.  The Rotary Clubs of the Kansas City Area
are coming down to do a mass clean up, then sell the wood in KC and
put the money earned in the Reading Park Fund being overseen by the
Park Action Team ( J T Crawford).  It is a win-win activit

OPPORTUNITY to get your life together!

Please help us spread the word to those in need.

The producers behind “The Biggest Loser” are gearing up to remake America!

Do you know someone whose current livelihood is at stake due to our crumbling economy? Are they facing foreclosure, out of work, perhaps working 2 jobs, buried in credit card debt, have no health insurance, pregnant and unsure, or watching their savings disappear, etc?

If any of these problems pertain to someone you know, we want to hear from them!

Whatever their current issue, age, or demographic is, we want to help!
If they are selected, our team of experts will help turn their life around!

If this sounds like someone you know, please have them visit our website to apply at:

Thank you,

Brooke Paller
Casting Producer
Trium Entertainment

Monday, October 17, 2011

FREE Health Clinic in Reading

A FREE Health Clinic will be held on Saturday, October 29, from 10 am to 2pm in Reading School.
Heart-to-Heart International will bring a pediatrician, a general practitioner, registered nurses, lab technicians, a mobile lab and pharmacy.  There is no charge for any of these services including the medications! 

Diabetes testing/checkup/bottled insulin: flu shots; immunizations for all ages; blood pressure checks;
urine analysis: physicals: or time to just speak with a doctor are just some of the capabilities of these folks.

No, they do not ask for or bill your insurance.  Yes, they do want you to come for a checkup or other needs.

Call Barbara Schlobohm for an appointment time or walk-in and wait!  I do have a patient information sheet you can get and fill out in advance for each member of your family being seen by the medical personel to save time that day.

Barbara   620-699-3371

Community Member Concern/Comment

went into the bank in Osage City to close my account. It must have been the owner who was working there.
He tried to talk me into keeping my account open, telling me that a "new" bank moving into Reading was "just a rumor", that Tightwad may still be back. (LOL).

He was not very friendly. And when he gave me my money I noticed he did not credit my accounts for the interest earned this last quarter (due 9/30/11). You may want to post a warning to everyone if they close there account to make sure they get ALL their money including interest.

I'm just waiting to open accounts for my granddaughter and me at the NEW Reading bank.
This message was sent to me and I am posting it as requested.

Sunday, October 16, 2011