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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Steering Committee Minutes

Only 5 members of the Steering Committee were present for the January meeting. (Only 1 lives in the city limits.)
If you could accomplish one thing what would it be?
--bring community together
--end power struggle
--make sure action teams are successful
--have community project everyone could come together to work on

Derek Patterson will be taking Tammy Patterson's place on the Steering Committee.
A Public Square narrative must be written to apply for a matching grant from the Dept of Commerce.
      Monique Keith is writing that narrative and will have it at the February 8 meeting.
Decided to hold the regional conversation with Osage City on Feb 22 (tentatively).  Jerry Karr is setting
      the meeting up.
Angel was appointed the laison between the Steering Committee and Public Square.
Action teams / co-conveners are asked to attend the next meeting on February 8 to report on
the status of their projects.


Good used gas stove available.  If interested, contact Marion Jones (3471)


  It's Girl Scout Cook-ie time 
  It's Girl Scout Cook-ie time 
 Support the local girls 

Cookie sales begin January 21.  If a Reading Girl Scout does not knock on your front door,
please contact Amy Crawford or Heather Jones, leaders.  The eight varieties remain the 
same for your selection with boxes costing only $3.50 a box.  

Oh, Thin Mints and Lemon Cookies..........

RCD asks, "WILL YOU" ?

Reading Community Development leadership is now open for nominations.
If you would volunteer to share your  responsibility and follow-through skills with the community OR if you
would nominate a community member, contact Reta (699-3009).  Please speak to anyone you nominate to be sure they are willing to take on the role for which you have nominated them.

Monday, January 16, 2012

From J T Crawford

The next Park ActionTeam meeting will be this Wed. the 18th at the City Hall 6:30.
Review Playscape Proposal for Funders meeting
Look at KSU proposed designs of park
Finalize plans for donated $ (New Foundation Account, City of Reading, RCD Foundation Account, or Reading Bank)
Ball Field
Please let me know if you're unable to attend.