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Saturday, October 29, 2011

FREE Health Clinic to Return

Heart-to-Heart will return to Reading with a FREE health clinic on November 12 from 10 to noon
at the school.

All 18 adult flu shots and 10 child flu shots will be given at that time.  If you would like an appointment to see medical staff please let me know.

CHILDHOOD IMMUNIZATIONS -- Parents are asked to provide me with your child's name and age along with the immunizations they will need that day by Tuesday, November 8.  If you are not sure what they need, give me the child's name and age.  Heart-to-Heart is working with the County Health Dept to get all of this taken care of for your child.


Come join the fun uptown Monday night.

Starting at 4:30, there will be hot dogs and chips at the United Methodist Church basement.
Trunk or Treating will be uptown from the school to the UMethodist Church from 5:30 to 6pm.  Please do NOT block the driveway at the fire station!

Questions can be directed to Rhonda Sapp.  She has generously planned this project to help keep our kids safe!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Saturday, OCTOBER 29


Break out your gloves & trash bags.  Walk your OWN yard and get all the stones, sticks & limbs, and
rubbish out to the dish for pick up.  (Call 699-3870 to leave a message and let the city know it needs to be picked up)  Then walk it glass, metal and other shards.  It will soon be too cold to enjoy being out and we want the town to lookin nice for those coming through this winter. 

Fill up the dumpsters!  What a great chance to get rid of that stuff that is just sittin' around!!!


The Lyon County Health Dept will bring needed childhood immunizations to town on Saturday,
November 12.  However, they need to know exactly what is needed.

Please contact me with your child's name and age along with the immunization you know they are in
need of receiving.  If you are not sure, the Health Dept will help determine their need.

NOV 12 -- Flu and Tetanus Shots

"Barbara I have a final confirmation from the Health Dept that they will come on Nov 12 to Reading. They will do the Flu vaccine for the 17 adults and 7 kids and 2 Tetanus vaccines."  A message from
Jorge, VP of  South American Disasters.

More info to follow.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Clean Up

There are piles of rubbish around town that need to be discarded.  Please load up your (and your
neighbors) rubbish and take it to the giant trash receptacles provided by the city.  If you have piles
of wood that need to be taken somewhere, call city hall (3870) for help.  (There's no wind today
and it just dampened everything....maybe you can burn it.  Just a thought.)


Due to construction holdups, the FREE hot dog feed from 4:30 to 6 pm on Halloween will be held
in the UMethodist Church basement.  The games, this year, will be on the veranda of The Miracle Cafe beginning at 5pm.

Questions?  Call Rhonda Sapp or Reta Jackson.

NEW Health Clinic Info

Jorge Coromac of Heart-to-Heart International just called to say they have not received their allottment of flu and tetanus vaccines. 

If you were scheduled to get a flu or tetanus shot on Saturday, please know they will NOT be available.
He is hoping they will arrive for the Nov 12 clinic.

Blood pressures, labs and doctor appointments are still being held.

Jorge apologizes for this problem.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


There is still time to schedule service from the health clinic on Saturday, October 29, between 10am and 2pm.  You can just walk-in, but be aware you will have a wait without an appointment.

Flu shots and tetanus shots will be available for those who request them in advance. 
If there are specific lab tests you are interested in, let me know. 

Remember that this is FREE and right here in town.  Take advantage of it.



The Food Boxes are here and can be picked up at the school's east door after 1pm today.

Monday, October 24, 2011


B & G Consulting is moving forward with the cleaning out of the city lagoon project.


The city of Reading has opened the bidding process on the removal of 28 trees.
Specs can be obtained at City Hall between the hours of  9am and 4pm or call