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Sunday, December 25, 2011


A family style New Year’s Eve Party will be held on Saturday, December 31, from  7 to 9 pm in the basement of Reading UMethodist Church.  There will be a chili bar and cookie bar.  Bring some finger foods and join in the fun!  Bring your favorite new game to share.

Girl Scout Gift

The Girl Scouts of Reading crafted table decorations for the Grand Opening of
The Miracle Café.  The girls tied 9 candy canes around a red candle so that the
candle stands on the hook of the cane.  How clever is that!

Baldwin City

Barbara Schlobohm will represent  the community of Reading at a joint meeting of service clubs and government entities in Baldwin City the evening of
January 23.
Barbara oversaw the funding and purchase of a game, sweatshirt and Miracle Café gift certificate for the Reading School tornado children.  Junior and Senior High students were provided a hoodie and gift certificate.  Thank you Nikki Senft, Heather Jones, Rhonda Sapp and Reta Jackson for all of the help in the sorting and distribution!  A huge thank you goes out to the Ruritans of southeast Kansas for funding this project for the children

Habitat for Humanity

The Long Term Recovery Committee held the first of several organizational meetings with the Executive Board of Emporia Habitat for Humanity.  The original money donated from the car raffle was about $59,000 and Catholic Charities gave an additional $3,000 to help with the site supervisor administrative costs.  When there is a complete plan for construction,  funding, and interviews  in place, the recipient will be informed of their selection by HFH. 
NO recipients have been selected.  Those in the running will be interviewed and required to provide financial information by HRH.  There, also, is no certainty on the number of homes to be built.  There is only money for one.

Long Term Recovery Committee

The Long Term Recovery Committee met the evening of December 21.  A list of cases were presented but
most could not be acted upon because the homeowner had not turned in paperwork -- bids, bills, insurance report, proof of ownership, etc.  It is impossible for the LTRC to help you if you do not give them the information so that they can help you!

LTRC will meet again on January 5.  Please get all of the information you were asked to provide in to your
caseworker before that date.
Reminder:  LTRC can only fund tornado damage.

Home Owner Rehabilitation Grants

Nine Readingites have had their homes inspected and a plan drawn up to repair or replace
various parts of their dwellings.  Jeff Lynch is responsible for the grant and can answer all
of your questions along with helping you to complete the paper work.

There is still grant money remaining and we want to use every bit that we can!  You can
contact Jeff Lynch, city of Emporia Grant Writer, or go to Reading City Hall for a copy
of the application form.

You DO NOT need to have tornado damage.  This grant has nothing to do with the tornado.
It is a golden opportunity if you are in the correct income bracket.  Check it out!