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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

City Council Report

Last Thursday evening I was in Kansas City preparing to be interviewed by
Ingram's Magazine to bring the tornado recovery efforts to the attention of
the businesses in the Greater Kansas City area.  Because of that, I asked
Heather Jones, a member of the Communication Action Team, to give my
report to the City Council.  As you can see from the attached report, NO
WHERE do I say I am leaving this position because I feel unappreciated!

The past four weeks have been hectic for publicity and fund raising here in Reading. Besides the standard news releases, interviews, and contacts with

media, I represented Reading:

  1. William Baker Choral Society Concert where a total of $2600 was donated to
    help people rebuild their homes. (Speech)
  2. Flip Flop Hop – Merry Lu Pasley of Lebo held this fundraiser and presented
    a check for $1500 to help rebuild homes. (Speech)
  3. United Way Board of Directors Meeting –walking tour of town followed by
    a speech.
  4. Ruritans of Southeastern Kansas District Meeting where a total of $1500 has
    been pledged to purchase a Christmas game for Reading tornado children following my speech.
  5. McCarthy Auto Sales interviews live with 94.9 radio and channel 5 and then drawing the winning ticket of the Camaro.
  6. Lunch meeting with Kate Fields of Heartland Habitat for Humanity.

I organized:

      1. the Free Medical Clinics for Reading area residents wishing to see a doctor or get free immunizations.
      2. 60 Rotary Club members volunteering to clear tornado damaged trees.
      3. KSU students initial viewing of Reading and discussion with park
        action team.
      4. The sales of 59 tickets through Reading for the Habitat home. $2360
      5. The collection of information from clubs, churches and businesses for the city newsletter.
      6. The distribution of 3 vans full of Christmas decorations.
      7. The distribution of approximately 45 quilts.
      8. A Credit Counseling opportunity for residents that will not only
        help them get control over their finances but earn them $100 in
        Wal Mart gift cards.
      9. The services of a counselor to help us all work through the stress,
        depression, anxiety and fear. Contact me if you want this free service.
      10. Contacting parents of Reading children, having them select a free
        game and give a size for a possible free sweatshirt for Christmas.
      11. The KSU Park Plan Unveiling

I attend Long Term Recovery Meetings representing the city and serve as the Public Information Officer for that group.

I will be featured in Ingram's Magazine out of Kansas City, MO. This is a business magazine that once a year features individuals that have made a difference in the

life of their community. The photo shoot is Friday morning.

I will be turning Reta Jackson's name into Larry Hatteberg for one of his features.

When I asked for nominations, Reta and I tied in votes with Heather Jones coming in right behind.

I want to inform the council and community members that ________ Reading families have now been helped by Long Term Recovery to the cost of a little over


Quilts have already been distributed to: Kevin Sorensen, Shyan White, Stephanie Smith, Billy Paige, Jeff Meek, Bill Hooper, Craig Croucher, Alan Barrett, Virginia Barger, Iven Woods (3), Jill Scales, Mike Scales and Doug Scales. These are all people that completely lost their homes.

All of the Reading Kindergarten students received a quilt. I am in the process of

collecting other quilts for distribution to those that suffered loss.

This Sunday at the Reading Christmas Celebration, each tornado family in attendance will receive a bag filled with Christmas decorations and other surprises.

This was made possible from an Overland Park contact.

The assistance Reading has received over the past seven months has been phenomenal. It will raise the living standards of the people and property valuations. This, in turn, will raise more tax revenue for the city and entice others to want to move to Reading. Billy told us that our current infrastructure can

serve 20 more homes. If you build them......they will come!

The Baldwin City Lions Club called and asked if I would be willing to speak to a

joint meeting of all the service clubs and councils in their area on Monday,

January 23. I have accepted that speaking engagement on your behalf. However,

after December 15 I will no longer be able to work for the city of Reading. If there comes a time that you need someone with my skills and abilities, please let me know.

The following information is accurate as of 10am, December 8.

21 households did not receive financial assistance from the LTRC. Many of them declined assistance or did not qualify because of insurance settlements or other resources available to them. However, many of the people on this list did receive the assistance of volunteer labor which was organized though Steve Burnett of United Methodist Disaster Relief.

65 households have received a total of $193, 436 in financial assistance. This averages out to roughly $3000 per household. These cases have no current business before the committee.

18 cases are currently active with requests in process. Of these individuals, roughly $8900 has already been allocated and we are working with them to secure estimates, order material, or obtain additional information about their gap.

The committee believes that all residents have been interviewed and have had an opportunity for their case to be presented to the committee. If you have not had an opportunity to speak with a case manager, please let us know.

The total cash dispersed to residents is just over $202,000.

Steve Burnett sends the following volunteer hour report:

5,663 hours of outside volunteer time has been recorded through Umethodist Disaster Relief

The first 3 days of volunteer time was kept by the COAD out of Emporia.

Because my work time IS refundable through FEMA, he will be adding 450 hours of my volunteer time that has not been included in FEMA reporting.

Here is an interesting stat: In the state of Kansas, the dollar value of one volunteer hour is $17.80.

5663 hours

X $17.80


That means over $100,000 of volunteer time that has been reported has been donated to Reading. That is pretty significant. Thank you, Steve, for locating these people to help us!

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