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Friday, October 7, 2011

2011 Chevy Camaro Convertible to be Given Away

In conjunction with the Telethon for Reading next Saturday morning in KC, there is a
"raffle" style event to give away a bright red, suped up Camero to some lucky participant.
A donation of $40 gets you one opportunity to receive the Camero. 

More information is available at   then about halfway down the page
you click on "Camaro raffle ticket" in blue letters which then takes you to Paypal.

You can get tickets locally by contacting Barbara Schlobohm, Reta Jackson or Mike Dorcey.


The City Council approved the letting of bids for the grinding of 66 stumps
on city property.  Interested parties can obtain the requirements from city hall
or by calling 699-3870.


Dwight Adams, a Long Term Recovery Committee member, addressed the Council in reference to
skilled laborers known as "Caravaners".   When asked, they travel from across the country to a location and help to build Habitat for Humanity homes.  Knowing that next spring and summer there will be Habitat work in Reading, he suggested an appropriate site be put in the park or on lots around town,
where these campers could be hooked to water and electricity.

If you have a lot with hookups and know it will be empty next spring and summer, please let
City Hall know so that plans can be made to help these skilled volunteers be of service to our


Dean Moriello addressed the city council in reference to the cars at the back of his yard.
He realizes it is a hazard and does not reflect well on the Reading community and has
promised to remove them as soon as he can get help to get them out of his yard.

Contact Dean or City Hall if you would be willing to help with the removal process.


The community of Reading has received a HUD grant for home rehabilitation.  You do NOT have to
have tornado damage to qualify.  Anyone in Lyon county within 2 miles of Reading is eligible to apply.
The Income Limits are: 1 person -- $30,000, 2 -- $34,400, 3 - $38,700, 4 - $42,950, 5 -- $46,400,
6 -- $49,850, 7 -- $53,300, 8 -- 56,700.  You do get extra points for storm damage, elderly, etc.

Forms are available in City Hall or from Barbara Schlobohm.  Please use this money if there is a way to qualify.

Questions or help filling out the form -- call Jeff Lynch, Grant Administrator, 620-343-4285.


Eddie Sapp was appointed to fill the City Council seat vacated with the
resignation  of Marc Atchison.  The Council is now complete with the
seating or election of Kevin Sorensen (Mayor), Billy Paige (President),
Todd Hensley, Jenifer Hanamen, Heather Jones and Eddie Sapp.

Carol Ann Higgins, City Clerk, can be reached at 699-3870 between
9 and 4, Mon - Friday.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Reading has the opportunity to nominate one of its own for a Hatteberg's People segment.
Larry said he likes the unique, the unpredictable. His examples were a person who perhaps had a particular career but because of the tornado is finding themselves doing something entirely different or, perhaps, a person who has found themselves living or working in a unique situation,
or, perhaps, a quiet or unassuming person who has found themselves thrust into a leadership role.
I need your recommendations now! I have four peoples names with one vote each. Come on, Readingites. You can do better than this! Send them to or to


We have a request for the names of 5 families with children that a church can adopt for Christmas. The RCD has decided to put the names of families that were here during the tornado and are still here now in a hat and pull out five. If your name is pulled out, you will be contacted within the next few days and asked for a wish list by October 22. Those 5 families will not be included if there are other requests for adoptions.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


A FREE food distribution will be made available from Harvester's for Reading tornado victims
on October 26. Pickup will be at Reading School east door from 1pm to 7pm.
You MUST complete a request form by Wednesday, October 19, to pick up a box.
Get your form from Barbara Schlobohm or at City Hall and be sure it is turned in on time.
All it asks for is your name, address and ages of those in the home.

Updated OCTOBER Calendar

6 -- Girl Scout meeting right after school at UMethodist Church (Amy Crawford/Heather Jones)
6 -- Long Term Recovery meets
6 -- CITY COUNCIL MEETING , 7pm at Reading School
7 -- School picture retakes
8 -- UMethodists to help plant bulbs
10 -- Lions Club meets at UMethodist Church
11 -- RCD meeting at 7pm at UMethodist Church
13 -- Long Term Recovery meets
12 -- United Methodist Women meet at Cynthia Wilson's house at 6:30pm
15 -- KSU and the Andover and Augusta UMethodist Churches will be in town to help you.
15 -- KANSAS CITY TELETHON, WDAFtv and McCarthy Auto Dealerships. A bright red
2011 Corvette is being raffled in conjunction with the Telethon.
19 -- FREE Harvester Food Box forms must be turned in to Barbara today!
19 -- Girl Scout meeting after school in UMethodist Church (Heather/Amy)
19 -- Communication Action Team, 6:30pm at the UMethodist Church
20 -- Boy Scout meeting after school in UMethodist Church (Eddie Sapp)
20 -- Long Term Recovery Team meets
24 -- Lions Club meeting at UMethodist Church
25 -- Parent/Teacher Conferences 5:30pm to 9pm NO MEAL SERVED at the school
26 -- Parent/Teacher Conferences 5:30pm to 9pm NO MEAL SERVED at the school
26 -- FREE Harvester Food Boxes are to be picked up at the east door of the
school between 1pm and 7pm.
27 -- Long Term Recovery Team meets
31 -- Reading School Fall Festival

October City Council Meeting

Thursday, October 6 -- 7pm in the Reading School Lunch Room
Jeff Lynch -- rehabilitation grant coordinator
Information about Oct 15 Kansas City Telethon
Sign Up for FREE Food Boxes from Harvester's
Discuss possibility of medical clinic coming to town
City Business

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hatteberg's People Nomination

Larry Hatteberg, Wichitat KAKE-tv, has a segment on People of Kansas. He called today asking for someone whose life or career has been changed by the tornado. He said he likes the "twist" ending....someone who had always had a certain job but is suddenly thrust into a totally different field, someone who perhaps has found themselves suddenly buying and refurbishing businesses/homes who had never thought of it before, someone who has stepped forward to be of service, etc.
Think of a person you would nominate to him. Email that person to me, or to Carol Ann, We must have your
nomination by Thursday, October 6.

Medical Lab and Staff

The possibility of a medical team and lab coming into town on a monthly basis exists.
However, I need to be able to show a need. If you are without insurance, need to see a doctor and have not been able to do so, have a chronic disease such as diabetes/arthritis/high blood pressure, etc that should be monitored regularly OR you are in need of medication that you cannot afford......please let me know asap.
This is a golden opportunity to not have to travel and to have health care right here in Reading.
Let me know if you would take advantage of this FREE service.

Children's Clothing Opportunity

An Emporia woman has an enormous amount of clothing. She would like to know the age, sex and size of Reading children needing winter clothing. Please email me at bjschlobohm@gmail or
call me 620-699-3371 with that information.

Mike's Sporting Goods Donation

Mike Tidwell has made a very helpful donation to the concession stand and
organizations of Reading this past week. He came with two huge thermos
coolers, gatorade mix and a "ton" of cups. Thank you so much for supporting
our community and it's activities!

Reading (Mass.) Has a Heart as Big as Kansas

(Copied from the Reading, Massachusetts, blog site.)
A couple of months ago, a few folks from Reading got together to raise awareness of a tiny city in Kansas that shares our name. On May 21, 2011, Reading, Kansas was struck by a massive tornado that destroyed 14 businesses and 56 homes. This tiny city, with a population of under 250 people, saw their one grocery store, the one bank, and their one gas station damaged or destroyed. Their post office and fire station were seriously damaged.
In response, John Feudo and the Reading Recreation Department collect $3,500 to send to Reading, Kansas to help them rebuild their athletic fields and facilities. Our Lions Club made a generous contribution to the Lions Club in Reading, Kansas. The First Baptist Church in Reading, MA, made a generous contribution to their counterpart in Kansas. Other local churches are making contact with their "sister" churches in Kansas to see what they can do to help.
The Wine Bunker in Reading, MA, has generously offered to host a wine tasting fundraiser to support our sister city. They were quickly joined by the Swissbakers, Reading Butcher Shop and Harrow's Chicken Pies, all of whom have offered to supply tasty treats to enjoy with the wine. Fourteen local businesses have put coin collection jars at their registers to show support for Reading, Kansas.
And the residents of Reading have proven both their compassion and generosity. The people of Reading, MA, have already donated more than $1,500 to support our "sister city". That money has come through mailed-in donations, donations in coin jars at local businesses, and donations collected at the Fall Street Faire this past weekend.
There simply are not words to describe the generosity in this town. If you have not yet contributed to help our neighbors in Kansas, there are several ways you can"
-Friend us on facebook at Reading Cares.
-Join us at a Wine Tasting Fundraiser for Reading, Kansas on Thursday, October 20 from 7 to 9pm at The Wine Bunker. Tickets are $15 each/$25 per couple.
-Make a donation. Make your check out to Reading Cares and send to:
Reading Town Hall
Attn: Town Manager
16 Lowell St
Reading, MA 01867


ABATE Poker Run and Flint Hills Truck Pull

What a gorgeous Saturday in Reading and what a fun, new experience with very nice people!
Lots of interesting vehicles and L-O-U-D motors. These groups have made a donation of
approximately $7,000 to help Reading recover from this storm. Thank you to everyone who participated and attended!