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Sunday, November 20, 2011


The Emporia Habitat for Humanity organization held a joint meeting with the Reading Long Term Recovery
Sunday afternoon at 3pm to begin the discussion of how to proceed, the guidelines to be followed, etc.
As responsible stewards of this money, the organization voted the following:

1.  To be selected to earn a Habitat Home, a family will be asked to make a mortgage payment that will include
     Principal, Taxes, Insurance and a Maintenance fund contribution.

2.  To earn a Habitat Home, a family must complete HCCI (Housing Consumer Credit, Inc) counseling.

There is much to be investigated, organized, planned and laid out before there is any hope to begin planning
the building.  No decision is possible as to the number of houses or who will receive them until all of the
paperwork and information is laid out and in place.

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