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Friday, March 30, 2012

Please Remember

Hate to do this, but here goes.  Reading United Methodist Church has always opened its doors to anyone needing help.  Luckily, many people escaped real tragedy on May 21 last year.  This week the building was opened again for all seeking shelter from the storm.

The basement had been scrubbed and set up for a shower on Saturday.  A large number of people went to the basement....even taking their animals!  Someone took down the chairs and laid them on the floor, got out and moved tables under windows, etc, etc.  When the all clear was given, everyone left the building and left an absolute mess for someone else to deal with!

I am not involved in this activity in any way, but the shower hostess has had to go back in this afternoon and spend a couple hours cleaning up after you all.

Please remember, if YOU make the mess, YOU clean it up.  Doesn't that seem fair?  Do you want 50 people and their animals invading your cleaned home, moving furniture, dragging in dirt, etc and then just walking out and leaving you with the mess?

Okay, be mad at me.....but I felt it needed to be said.  No, the church has said is just me.

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