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Friday, March 2, 2012

City Council Meeting Notes 3/1

Present:  Ed Sapp, Todd Hensley, Bill Paige, Heather Jones, Jenifer
Hanneman, Mayor Kevin Sorensen
         City Employee -- Carol Ann Higgins, Tom Coerping, and Joyce Wilson.

CGB reported that the lagoon cleaning is going well.

The only thing left on the RV sites is grading and gravel.  They should be
ready for the Habitat start date of Mar 19.

Kevin and our KDEM helpers have been meeting with the KS Mitigatoin group
about the specifics on the safe room...still going to be at the civic
buliding just working out details on size need for our current population.

An architect with CGB talked about working with us on the community
building project.  The city has also been contacted by other interested

JT updated us on the ball field.  There will be volunteer groups in town
on April 14 and 21 to set posts and put up the fence and back stops.

The park committee is going to be presenting a formal request with
estimates and building plans to some funders in April for playground
equipment and the community center.

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