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Tuesday, November 8, 2011



If you filed a temporary Change of Address, you will need to submit a NEW Change of Address card
after 6 months -- EVEN IF YOU FILED IT FOR ONE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Temporary changes are only good for 6 month periods.  You can resubmit to extend your temporary forward for 6 more months.  After one year you should make a decision as to filing a permanent change.

Remember a temporary address can be cancelled at any time upon your request and a permanent one made
whenever you are moved to what you feel will be your permanent address.

You can go online to   to file your change of address OR go to your post office and ask at the window for a hardcopy Change of Address card OR you can call the post office where you are receiving mail and have the carrier deliver a Change of Address card to your mailbox.

They apologize for any inconvience.
Please feel free to call the Lebo Post Office if you have questions.  620-256-6544

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